My son started counting tonight for the first time. I bought a set of plastic measuring cups tonight, and he claimed them. He lined them up and he kept looking at me like he was trying to impress me and make sure I was watching him. He touched each one with one finger and I could hear the little muffled sound of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. I made a huge deal out of it, and he started jumping and flapping his little hands, then counted them over and over.

In psychology, narcissm is described as extreme selfishness, with a grandiose belief of one’s own talents with a craving for admiration. Psychoanalysis goes on to say specifically that the selfishness is due to the inability for that individual to distinguish themself from the objects around them. Additionally, narcissim is described as a personality disorder that does not have any known cure. It is also stated to be as a characteristic of a mental illness, such as Schitzophrenia or BPD.

How is the Narcissist Born?

children who suffer from narcissism from a narcissist parents narcissistic - pexels photo 150x150 - A Narcisstic Bloodline: How Narcissistic Parents Create Narcissist ChildrenAll children seek approval from their parents or caretakers. Since children adapt to their living environment, they become receptive to the conditions in which they receive that approval. Children begin to act in manners that may not be appropriate, such as using deception and/or manipulation to achieve the approval from the parent or caretaker. Below are conditions in which these personality traits are developed in a child:

  • Situations where love is conditional (upon pleasing their parent or caretaker)
  • Where there is unfair treatment among siblings
  • Where the parent/caretaker initiates competition among siblings which results in high rewards for the “winner” and no rewards or punishment for the “loser”
  • Where a parent/caretaker is (mentally/physically/emotionally) neglectful or abusive when they do not receive what they seek from the child (such as attention, gratitude, compliments, task completion, admiration)
it is with great sadness that Dee Daud unexpectedly passed away December 13th 2017, he was loved by many in the narcolepsy community, this man was an inspiration to everyone who suffers from this disabiling disease. he will be missed, someone has started a gofundme account to try to help the family cover the costs of funeral and burial
This man was on many different video broadcasts trying to show the world what narcolepsy and cataplexy is.
national Geograhic
His youtube channel

Having issues visiting websites, websites are seeming slow to load, or even worse locking up and eventually saying unable to connect or resolve. This is indication of a DNS issue.

Diagnosing a dns issue is quite easy. You can do this by knowing the ip of a website you constant visit like for example ip is

basically means that if you visit and it gets an erro try and if it loads its just a dns issue.

You visit a website and get a error.. Oh Oh you got an error message unable to view a website, says unable to resolve. You remember seeing the ip for the same site and test it.

This usually means your dns server is not resolving ip hostnames correctly. dns is a protocol that turns human readable hostnames into a numerical computer address, ip address is a unique set of numbers assigned to the domain name. Without a functioning DNS you are will be unable to visit a website by its domain name. I found this cool utility that makes it easy to change dns quickly.


- Ashampoo Snap Tuesday November 28 2017 05h48m34s 001  - dns issues

I love the fact I can open a window and scan for other dns servers and choose the one with the fastest response.

dns jumper  - Ashampoo Snap Tuesday November 28 2017 05h53m12s 002  - dns issues

People wonder why piracy happens, its cause of little piss ants like the company that made admin spider pro. Let me explain why I feel this way.

Seriously you want me to pay money to reactivate it when I only moved my blog to another directory, its still on the same domain. I dont think so. I have 100s of plugins and none of then do the crap you do.


I have lots of plugins from envato/codecanyon and i only need to deactivate the plugin using the envato interface and then reactivate it.


You however state that the activation is permanent and active on and cannot be transfered, its still on the same domain. You license system is crap if it cant detect its on the same domain still.