Shenay Greenough
I am a 42 year old nerd who enjoys working with computers and making lots of websites.
As you know one of my passions is computers and My other is (drum rolls) you guessed it, web development and webdesign and social networks such as imvu or secondlife also mocospace, as you can see with my personal site, graphics, programming and yes 3d Models!!
I am having to try to learn everything once again cause of my illness, because of the H1N1 vaccine back in 2009. I developed narcolepsy, which I cant prove cause the company who gave me the vaccine on behalf of my employer has failed to respond to every contact I have tried to make with them, been trying since 2011 with no luck, also Amazon moves employees around like crazy, so whom worked as HR or my supervisors back then most likely are no longer there. There is a new development in this now, I can now prove that Amazon purposely gave me the wrong information which caused me to chase the wrong company. The company field of operations manager responded back and said Amazon didnt start using them until 2012, so why the hell would Amazon send me after a company they didnt use back in 2009.

I forgot everything overnight, was working for in over 400 different things, I knew like over 10 programming and scripting languages, php, mysql, html5, css3, json, python, xml, xhtml, javascript, jquery, even worked with xcode and android developement, even my basic grammar and things I learned in high school or college is gone. Basically went to bed one night and woke up the next day couldnt even remember how to start making a webpage. It was rather embarassing considering I was doing Amazon's webpages for the last 6 years. I made the digital help pages, like the kindle help pages and such. Also worked with Amazon mp3, digital downloads, etc etc. This was sometime in mid 2011, Needless to say Amazon worked with me trying to keep me on staff, cause it wasnt my fault this happened. When it was finally determined I couldnt stay awake long enough for any alternate position, they involuntary terminated me due to my illness. So here we are my attempt after many years to try to come back and do something I enjoy.
Donald Wiley is going to claim he taught me SEO, its his only attempt to try to discredit me. Actually I already know SEO and I keep up with it. I have a lifetime account and multiple training on I just dont care for it. I have learned about google algorithms, i have learned what google bots look for, my main site has gone up in search engine indexing. learned the meta keywords are obsolete it goes by the actual content on the page and which ever ones appears over and over those become the main keywords. Mine right now is sexymacman, seahawks and illness. Also learned images and a tags need certain attributes to pass seo, images need a alt tag, and a tags generally a title tag. Learned that SEO looks for sitemaps, and also SEO looks for priority a SSL enabled version of your site. Thats kind of stupid since personal sites dont need SSL, and SSL requires a dedicated ip address. I may get into helping people get their sites up in ranking. From what I see its quite simple. 1. First you need to figure out a keyword something you want to be searched for in my case sexymacman is my top keyword 2. you want to get that keyword in multiple parts of your page, title, html tags, even content so if someone scans the page with a keyword research tool it will show that keyword being the top results. 3. you need to make sure you follow the basic google seo guidelines.
Ok well back to me, Why the name SexyMacMan, cause of the icloud beta testing, I finally chose SexyMacMan out of desperation after trying out 100s of names and they being used up. I was supposed to be given the oppurtunity to change it, this didnt happen. So Apple released icloud it was my name on the beta and when they made it public would not allow me to change it so i had to find a use for it. So I bought and now its my trademark. Also used sexymacman on this chat network called imvu (banned in 2015) -> SexyMacMan_68629676_retir and even, its on my fetlife account, its on most of my accounts. Just google sexymacman and you will find out a lot about me.
Name is now stuck with me and I am making great use of it. The meaning of the name is simple. I am a sexy man using a mac. No Hidden meaning that's what it means, hence why I have a picture of my macbook screen with the name Mac in it on my imvu AVI. I will be making some sites and adding the links here to go to my many websites.
Exit sexymacman and exit

What is this page?

This page is a landing page for my many projects or sites I have around the net, i thought about making a dynamic menu or something I may still do that, maybe make it pull from a MySQL database, not sure yet.
What software do you use for your projects.

I only really use things I have bought. graphics, I use apps on my iPhone or gimp, i refuse to use adobe anything. webdesign and development, I use HTML-kit tools, why? It just works perfect, while teaching me how to write the code it also has quick injection of things I can also make my own plugins to add, already has a lot of plugins and its never failed me. Programming I use shell or i use notepad+ on my computer, or i use programs on my cell phone lol. What you will find about me is I am very good at improvising for a situation. If something doesn't work for me I will find a way and always will. Cause of my illness I have lost the knowledge of many languages and trying to relearn them, I am currently working on html5, css3, php, mysql, json, xml, and javascript, the basic scripting languages for making a website. I use and in order to pick up on some programming